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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rasta Salco

I have probably just experienced the greatest culinary dish for students on the go. The Rasta Salco, one part burger, one part pasta, one part salad, all in one warm tortilla shell. Proteins, vegetables, fruit, carbohydrates all packed together. It only took me two minutes to make so I successfully fit a complete and nutritious lunch in the 10 minutes provided in between my classes at college.

Any interesting dish ideas for those on the go?



  1. yeah i wanna see a picture! followed :D

  2. I'll post pic at dinner, meal plan won't let me back in because I already ate lunch. I'll even include a nice cutaway version of it if I can.

  3. Next post, definatley a 'how to' , it sounds delightful. :)

  4. I want it, sounds sloppy and tasty.

  5. 1. scramble an egg in a bowl with some shredded cheese mixed into it. (spray the bowl to make it non-stick)

    2. Microwave for 1 minute. flip egg in bowl upside down and microwave for another 45 seconds-1 minute.

    3. Place on bagel (formerly "???")

    4. Profit

    You can also add a slice of cheese to the bagel to keep the egg from squirting out the holes in the slices

  6. hahhaa, i had a pizza pie the other day, was gorgeous :D

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  8. love the post... I want to see moar!