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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Want some Rasta in your Salco?

Well, you folks asked for it.


What you need is about a sausage patty's worth of hamburger, preferably the taco type of hamburger otherwise, you'll have to cut it into pieces for it to package nicely. Some pasta, any type will do really, just lay off the white sauce, chicken is a bonus. A few leaves making up a salad in addition to few small pieces of fruits and vegetables if so desired. Cheese is fine too if you want to get some dairy in the meal. And the most important ingredient of all, a softshell tortilla to package your culinary delight within.

On the tortilla, put the hamburger in the center, make it as flat as possible, think eggo waffles. Then wrap some pasta around the hamburger (egg noodle or strip noodles are good for this) This step is to help prevent unwanted Salco leakage especially in the corners. No one likes grease on their textbooks right? The next step is to arrange the leaves in as close to a floral pattern as possible on top of the hamburger. If you desire to add fruits and vegetables, you would put them below the salad so they don't fall out as you eat. Sauces would also go under the salad. Finally, fold the tortilla so it resembles a sort of box shape, hold it with one flap in your hand and eat with the other flap pointing up.

Pardon the sloppiness, this usually happens when you do actually attempt to make it in less than 2 minutes. (taco hamburger, strip noodles, cheese, leafy greens)

This is how it should look roughly when it's folded.
I took my sweet time eating it, this just gives you a rough idea of the salad's and pasta's job in preventing Salco Leakage.



  1. I never thought of it that way... interesting

  2. Looks delicous.
    Taco Bell needs to get some.

  3. Really good... Too bad I'm in a low carb diet right now...

  4. Cool, I'll try it out.

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  6. oh man all this food is making me hungry!

  7. @Number Eight :
    You sure could modify this with some kind of almond flour! So u could keep the carbs low.

  8. Looks pretty delicious mate. Followed! :D

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  10. OMFG, That looks so good man, going to try this out next time I have to cook for myself.